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Neasham Road Surgery aims to provide high quality health care in a responsive, supportive and courteous way.We will provide a service which puts patient welfare at the heart of all we do.


This year all 11 Darlington GP practices are planning to deliver the flu vaccinations in a new and COVID-safe way. The plans include a drive-through service at the Mowden Park Rugby Stadium and, for those that do not have access to their own transport; a walk-through service will be delivered at St Cuthberts Hall.

For further information regarding this years service is avalible on

****GP surgeries are aware of the problems obtaining Covid-19 tests, however this is nothing we have any control over and sadly unable to assist with this matter.
You need to ring 119 or refer to the government website for the most up-to-date information***.

In line with NHS guidance, we are now asking all patients who attend the surgery to wear a face covering if they have to attend the Practice. This should cover both your nose and mouth and should not be removed in the Practice unless your clinician tells you otherwise. All consultations are still by telephone and only patients who have been asked to attend the practice, should attend in person. Please do not bring anyone along with you to the appointment with you and please only attend 5 minutes before your appointment time to avoid to many people in the waiting area.

Covid-19 – The compulsory wearing of face covering in shops

The introduction of the requirement for people to wear face covering in shops is intended to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
There are certain groups of people who are exempt from this requirement and they include:

  • children under the age of 11,
  • people with disabilities 
  • those with breathing difficulties or
  • those who are travelling with someone who relies on lip reading.

These groups of people, their parents or guardians are able to indicate the reason, if required, as to why they are not wearing a face covering.
General practice is under considerable pressure as a direct result of the current challenges they are faced with delivering a service to patients at the same time as coping with the consequences of this virus. 
There is no requirement for general practice to issue letters for patients who are unable to wear face coverings, as the Government have clearly defined the exemptions to this requirement


As you may have been aware for the last 6 weeks we have had to change the way we offer appointments.  This has been through telephone appointments, with your GP or Nurse Practitioner making a face to face appointment if this was thought absolutely necessary and following strict hygiene guidance.
Moving forward we would like to start thinking about future appointments.  We believe the new system has worked very well with the majority of patients who ring in, receiving advice and further treatment the same day without the need to come into the practice.
We appreciate this system is not suitable for all our patients.  To help us with ensuring we have the right system in place, we would be grateful for your feedback by answering the following questions, please email them to

 Appointment Questionaire

  • Are you happy with the current system?                        YES/NO
  • Have you used the telephone triage system in the past 6 weeks?      YES/NO
  • If you have used this system, did you find it helpful:       YES/NO
  • If yes, why:convenience/easy/quick
  • If no, why:problem not sorted/ missed phone call/ needed to be seen anyway
  • How often would a telephone triage service help you e.g. every time you needed help, most of the time, half of the time, not often, not at all
  • If the service was not able to help you, is this because you would rather see a clinician in person          YES/NO
  • If you had a long standing problem, would you prefer to see your GP and preferably the same GP                YES/NO
  • If you had an urgent on the day problem, such as ear ache or chest infection, would you be happy to speak to a doctor (not necessarily your usual GP) over the phone first:        YES/NO
  • What would a perfect service look like to you ?
We will be currently using a telephone triage service. This means you will be contacted by a clinician before an appointment is given (only one call will be made by the clinician so you must answer the call as they will not try to call again). This has been put in place following NHS advice. An alternative is to use our econsultation service (see below).

Can we please ask all patients to refrain from ordering their medication early (more than a week) and also refrain from asking for double the amount. We will bot be issuing medication any earlier than usual and we will not be issing more than your prescribed amount.

Paracetamol will not be prescribed to any patients who do not usually have this prescribed as a repeat medication.

Due to shortages of inhalers in the chemists, they will only be prescribed if they are currently on your list of repeat medications.
If you have not had an inhaler for sometime and do not have any symptoms, please do not request one on a just incase basis.
If you have not had one for sometime but are symptomatic, you will need to have a telephone call with a clinician before one can be prescribed.

Sorry for any inconveience and thank you for understanding. 

 We all have very busy lives. To make things easier there is now a system that lets you log into your surgery clinical system to order prescriptions and book appointments from the comfort of your own sofa. This is called SYSTMONLINE. To get access please call into the surgery and ask for an online services form. Once you have completed the identity checks and signed consent we will give you a username and password. When you have that please click on the blue systmonline banner below and follow the login instructions.

To ensure you receive the best possible cover, we can only see patients who can give 4-6 weeks notice before travel.   A travel risk assessment should be completed and handed in before making an appointment - available on the website.   Details of private travel clinics can be obtained from our website or by contacting the surgery.  Thank you for your understanding.


Many people find grief a lonely and isolating experience anyway, but living in isolation and being socially distant from others, are making things a lot harder for people who are bereaved.

If you feel you would benefit from talking to someone in confidence there are a number of services in Darlington who can support you at this difficult time. For more information about confidential, free bereavement counselling please contact:





You can also join a virtual grief cafe. Find out more here:…/pop-up-good-grief-cafes/


If you are aged between 40 and 74 did you know you can receive a healthcheck from your GP surgery?  To make an appointment for your healthcheck, please ring and ask to make an appointment with our Health Care Assistant.


The appointment will last 20 minutes and will include, blood pressure, blood tests and general health and lifestyle advice.



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